"Ni Hao, my name is Yen!"
"My name is Thomas, and I'm very pleased to meet you.
— Yen meets Thomas, Thomas Celebrates the Chinese New Year


  • Class: Chinese C2 class
  • Builder: Harbin Works
  • Configuration: 0-8-0

Yen is a Chinese tender engine, whom Thomas once met when he visited China.


When Thomas travelled to China, he met Yen. She told Thomas about the Chinese New Year celebrations, and informed him how the calendar on Sodor was different to that of China. Later, Yen told Thomas he was very lucky as he had a paper dragon amongst his passengers. Thomas was frightened at first, but she assured him that the dragon was a symbol of good luck.


Yen is based on the narrow gauge C2 Class 0-8-0, which were used on various Chinese industrial railways and modelled after earlier designs built in Poland and Russia. Yen is standard gauge whereas her original basis is narrow gauge.


Yen is painted red with black lining and a black tender




  • Yen has several differences from her original basis:
    • Her first six wheels and last two are apart from each other, making her look like a 0-6-2.
    • She also lacks siderods.
  • She was named after the currency of Japan.


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