“You're funny, Daisy!"
"That's what comes of being so highly sprung!"
"Pah! You're just jealous, because I'm thoroughly modern and bang up to date!”
―Bill, Ben, and Daisy[src]

Wrong Order is a magazine story.


A confused Daisy rolls down the branchline; she does not recognise this part of the seaside line. Her passengers are very cross when Daisy arrives at the clay pits. And where do you think Bill and Ben have ended up at...

Daisy speeds towards the junction, still cross with Bill and Ben. Bob and Dave, the signalmen at the junction, have set the points for Bill and Ben. They are not looking properly as Daisy speeds by. Once Daisy has passed, they set the points for Bill and Ben.

One day Daisy is waiting to leave the station to take her seaside run. It is not time for her to leave, but she is growing impatient. Bill and Ben are teasing her. Daisy decides that she does not have to listen to the twins' taunts and she proudly pulls away. Bill and Ben tell her that they are supposed to leave before her, but it makes no difference and Daisy continues on her way.