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Workmen are minor characters in the television series, but play an important role in the functioning of the Island of Sodor. They are always ready to assist in almost any kind of work and are found in almost any part of the Island of Sodor. They usually wear a cap, sometimes a flat cap, a blue coat with a white shirt and black tie, over which overalls are worn.


They are usually found around, but are not limited to:

Voice Actors

Dock Workers:

Quarry Workers:

Rail Workers:

Steamworks Workers:

Knapford Station Yard workers:

Sodor Search and Rescue Centre workers:


  • Several workmen are currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • What the workmen wear would be considered unsafe by modern standards. For example they do not wear hardhats, safety vests, or eye protection. This is because the TV series is set before the 1970s. However, some episodes show quarry workmen and miners wearing hardhats and, since the CGI switch-over hardhats and eye protection have been more present.
  • A "Pack scale" workman (along with two heads) was preserved to the Top Props preservation group.



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