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Wood is a Thomas & Friends merchandise line that consists of wooden models, tracks and accessories and is a railway system created by Mattel and released in Fall 2017 and worldwide in 2018. The line is a successor to the Wooden Railway line, having vehicles with visible wood and heat transfer decals. The line is compatible with Wooden Railway and other brands but the track system features new connectors, so adaptors are included with sets and destinations to connect with Wooden Railway and similar track from other brands.




Rolling Stock


Multi-Car Packs


  • Diesel's Dairy Drop Off
  • Butch's Road Rescue
  • Birthday Thomas
  • Dynamite Ryan
  • Rosie's Prize Pony

Non-Rail Vehicles


Buildings and Destinations


Track Packs


  • Straight and Curved Pack
  • Turnout Track Pack
  • Bridge Track Pack



  • Starter Set
  • Animal Park Set
  • 5-in-1 Builder Set
  • Snowy Rails Set
  • Lift and Load Cargo Set
  • Racing Figure-8 Set


  • Unlike Wooden Railway, which used static wooden figurines, Wood features plastic figures with poseable legs, allowing them to sit in various vehicles and rolling stock. These figurines follow the same design of the ones produced by BRIO.
  • All the characters have revamped bodies with additional detail, showing wood sections, and new face and smoke box sculpts. Buffers and buffer beams are also painted on as well. Engines are all about the same length with four or six wheels. In addition all the characters have white dots in their eyes.
  • The logo for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is displayed on the lower-right corner of the boxes.

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