"We all wished to be together under the star!"
— Percy

Winter Wish is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Knapford is to be decorated with lots of festive lights, including one very special big light - the Star of Knapford. Salty tells Thomas, Percy, and James what is special about the star; if an engine passes it and makes a wish, the wish may come true. The engines were very excited, especially Thomas who was given the job of transporting the star from the docks to Knapford.

On his journey, Thomas sees Percy puff over a bridge in front of him. Thomas, thinking Percy would like the opportunity of making a wish on the star, chases after his friend. Percy did make a wish and soon Thomas was on his way again. Further along the line, Thomas meets Henry and allows him to make a wish too. Not long after, he sees James and chases after him. He puffs over Gordon's Hill and finds that, once on the other side, he cannot stop. When he does manage to successfully apply his brakes, the star shoots off of Thomas' flatbed and flies through the sky.

The star lands in front of Thomas, broken. Thomas was very upset; not only had he ruined the star, his friends' wishes may not come true either. Henry, Percy, and James had seen the star soaring through the sky and rushed to help. Henry fetched some workmen to mend the star and James collected Rocky to lift the star back onto Thomas' flatbed. Soon they were all on their way to Knapford.

Later that night, everyone cheered as the star took pride of place at Knapford station. Thomas apologises for breaking the star and destroying any hope of his friends' wishes coming true. However, Percy tells his friend that their wishes did come true. They had all wished to be together under the star. Thomas smiled; his friends' wishes really did come true.




  • In the third illustration, Thomas overlaps Cranky's hook even though he is behind it.
  • In the sixth image, Thomas' right side has two outlines.


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