Winter Watch is a magazine story.


One frosty morning, James is collecting schoolchildren from the station; they are going on a winter nature walk. The frost is beginning to melt when James drops the schoolchildren off at their station, where they head down to a nearby footpath. Shortly, James meets Harvey who is repairing a broken rail, so he is diverted onto a loopline. Soon, James breaks down on a bridge. The driver shuts off steam, whilst the guard runs back to fetch Harvey. As he waits, James spots an overgrown railway line and an old, dilapidated signalbox below the bridge with wildlife running all around it.

Harvey's work-team soon repairs James and he sets off to collect the schoolchildren. The teacher tells James that they did not see much on their walk, which gives James an idea. He speaks to the Fat Controller and soon, James takes the children on a "special" nature trip. It was the first of many outings to the disused signalbox, which has now been transformed into a "Winter Nature Watch Centre". The children watch quietly as a warden points out all of the animals. And James feels very proud!



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