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Capsule Plarail (also known as Thomas Playrail in Australia) is a wind-up train system sold in Gacha machines which uses elements of Plarail (what other countries call Motor Road and Rail) by Tomy. The first Thomas range was released in Japan in 2000, with new a series released every few months. In 2006, some characters were released in other countries in blister packaging, and two series of further vehicles and destinations were released in Gacha machines. These were discontinued in 2009. The range was later released in Australia in 2010. In 2013, the fiftieth series of the Capsule Plarail Thomas range was released.


One asterisk (*) denotes items available only in Japan. Two asterisks (**) denotes items only available in Japan and Australia.

Rolling Stock




  • James' wheels are red, when they should be black.
  • The Chocolate Factory's model uses the same model as the Ice Cream Factory, making it look inaccurate to its television series appearance.
  • One of Peter Sam's models has his old funnel.
  • Diesel, Splatter, Dodge, Den and Dart's models are unpowered and have front couplings, thus making them function as pieces of rolling stock.


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