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“Oh, crumbs! That's torn it!”
Willie is an idle farmer and tractor driver, who lives near the Arlesdale Railway.

Bio in the Railway Series

He was late with his load of wool, and did not secure the bales properly. Unfortunately, his load slipped onto the line, derailing Rex. Willie apologised to both Rex and Fergus Duncan about the calamity he caused, and later helped with the clean-up with his master's permission.

Bio in the Television Series

Once, he was riding his tractor on his field and Mike whistled at him, causing him to jump up.

Like in the Railway Series, he was meant to deliver the last load of wool for Rex's train, but was running late. The Thin Clergyman noticed that Willie's load was not secured, but he didn't want to stop because he wanted to catch up to Rex. Willie got his wish sooner than expected, as the trailer of wool tumbled down to the railway line. He warned Rex about it, but was too late and Rex hit the load, derailing. Willie apologised to Rex for the incident and helped to clean up the mess and reload Rex's trucks.


Railway Series

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  • In the Railway Series, Willie mentioned his master, meaning he is just a worker rather than owning the farm himself. This was never mentioned in the television series.