“My wish came true!”

William's Wish is a magazine story.


Percy's driver tells Percy that he will be picking up his nephew who is arriving on the island on a ferry to stay with him for the weekend. Soon, Percy arrives at the port and picks up William and the other passengers. As a special treat, William is allowed to travel in Percy's cab. William has to agree with Percy; a train ride is much better than a ferry ride.

The next day, Percy takes William to meet Trevor. William says he has never been on a traction engine before, so Trevor offers him a ride. Over the weekend, William has so much fun that the time seems to fly by.

The following day, Percy takes William back to the ferry. During their journey, they spotted Harold flying overhead. William wishes he could travel on a helicopter, too. Percy has an idea and suddenly slows down, claiming to be losing steam. Percy whistles to Harold who lands nearby to see what is going on. Percy explains and Harold agrees to take William to the ferry. When Harold has left, Percy suddenly feels better and races on his way. Percy's driver asks if the engine had just pretended to break down, but Percy ignores him, and carry's on his journey.



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