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Will You Won't You (Take Me To The Railway Show?) is a song featured in The Great Race. The song is sung by the majority of the characters in the special.


Duck: It's gonna be special!
It's gonna be great!
Off to the Mainland without coaches or freight
Edward, Norman, Stanley and Duck: Please Sir, I beg you
I just have to know
Will you won't you take me to the Railway Show?
Henry: Take me, Sir
I pull the heaviest trains
I'm such a mighty engine, Sir
It's never a strain
(Gordon laughs)
Gordon: It's not a tough decision, though I have to confess
It's hard to find a better engine for the express
Sir Topham Hatt: Mmm, precisely!
Gordon: But...I didn't mean not to take me, Sir!
Philip: Haha!
I know I'm kinda small, Sir
But I'm not a beginner
I had a race with Gordon once
And I was the winner!
Gordon: Oh...
(Philip yelps)
Diesel: You ought to take me, Sir
I'm modern and new
Your first diesel ever
I'm loyal, kind and true
Percy, Emily and Sidney: It's gonna be special
It's gonna be great
Off to the Mainland without coaches or freight
Charlie, Scruff and Stafford: Please Sir, I beg you
You can't tell me no
James: Will you won't you take me to the Railway Show?
Flynn and Belle: Fast engines
Henry and Daisy: Long engines
Bill, Ben, Timothy and Marion: Tough engines
Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel and Peter Sam: Strong engines
Salty, Porter and Paxton: Everyone who's any engine's eager to go
Cranky: I'm not goin' anywhere.
Oliver, Bert, Rex and Mike: Will you won't you take us to the Railway Show?
Stephen: It's gonna be special
It's gonna be great
Duck, Donald and Douglas: Leavin' behind all our coaches and freight
Please Sir, we're beggin'
Ya just can't say no
Gordon, James and Diesel: Will you won't you take us to the Railway Show?
Henry, Duck, Donald and Douglas: Will you won't you take us to the Railway Show?
Thomas: Will you won't you take me to the (wears out) Railway Show...?
(Gordon, James and Diesel laugh)



UK and AUS

US and CAN

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 選んでください僕だちも Please Choose Us, Too
Dutch Kan ik Mag ik? (Naar de Spoorlijin Show) Can I, Can I? (Go To The Railway Show)
German Darf ich, kann ich? (mit, sie werden's nicht bereuen) May I, Can I? (Go, You Will Not Regret It)
Russian Еду я иль нет на Паровозное Шоу? Am I Going Or Not To The Steam Engine Show?
Portuguese Diga se iremos Say If We Will
Latin American Spanish Le Suplico (que me Lleve a ese Show) I Beg You (To Take Me To That Show)
European Spanish A la Gran Carrera nos Debe Llevar You Must Take Us To The Great Race
Czech Vezmete nás, nebo ne (na velkou šou)? Will You Take Us Or Not (To A Big Show)?


  • Philip references the events of The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead.
  • Diesel mentions that he is the Fat Controller's first diesel engine, which is most likely intended to be a reference to Pop Goes the Diesel.
  • In the US version, when Duck, Stanley, Edward, and Norman sing "Please Sir, I beg you, I just have to know", they sing it one at a time, but in the UK version, they sing it at the same time.
  • This is the only song featured in The Great Race which does not have an alternate version of itself.
  • After all the engine stop singing and get back to work, Percy sings "La la la la la la la la Railway Show!" to the tune of the song.


  • When Thomas enters Knapford, in the first shot he is already inside the station, but in the next shot he is seen entering the station again.
  • When the song first begins, Thomas' driver's elbow clips through his cab door.
  • Duck is not steaming as he goes through Knapford Station.
  • In the US dub, when Stanley and Norman first speak, their voices are swapped over.
  • As Gordon pulls into Knapford:
    • Emily is leaving the station with a row of her coaches. The second coach's body is missing, as only its chassis can be seen.
    • When Gordon sings, the audio from the singing and the mouth animation do not sync.
    • Gordon is seen puffing right to the end of the platform, but when during Philip's and Diesel's solos, Gordon is near the start of the platform and moves between shots.
  • Thomas goes over Henry's tunnel, despite the fact that there aren't any rails.
  • Rex's tender merges through his cab and his driver's head sticks through his boiler.
  • Stephen's wheels are moving slower than his side rods are.
  • In the US dub, when Gordon, James and Diesel sing "Will you, won't you take us to the railway show," Emily's voice can be faintly heard, her voice can be heard again when Henry, Duck, Donald and Douglas sing "Will you won't you take us to the railway show." she can even be heard laughing when Thomas arrives at the yard to sing along.
  • In both dubs, Percy's UK voice can be heard when Henry, Duck, Donald and Douglas sing "Will you won't you take us to the railway show.", but he is nowhere to be seen in either scene.
  • Towards the end of the song, James' bufferbeam clips through Gordon's running board. In the same shot, they stop moving, but in the next shot, they stop moving again.
  • In the UK dub, when Thomas comes in, James is seen laughing but his voice isn't heard. This could be because his voice was drowned out by Gordon and Diesel.

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