“No wonder Harold couldn't find you! Harold may be able to fly, but he can't go through a tunnel!”
―Percy to Thomas

Where's Thomas? is a magazine story.


It is a very stormy day on Sodor. Percy gets stuck in a flood and Henry gets delayed by a fallen tree. All of the engines are glad to get back to their sheds. However, Thomas has not come home. He has still not returned the next morning when the Fat Controller comes to see the engines. He tells them that he has sent Harold to look for Thomas.

Harold looks everywhere, but, by teatime, there is still no sign of Thomas. Percy is very worried and thinks that Thomas may have been washed away by a huge wave. Henry tells Percy not to be so silly and all of the engines head out to have another look for Thomas. Together, the engines cover the whole Island. Percy is just about to give up, when he puffs into a tunnel. There is Thomas looking cold and miserable. Thomas' coal had gotten wet in the storm and he could not start. As he pushes Thomas home, Percy concludes that Harold may be able to fly, but he cannot go through tunnels.



  • In Percy's last piece of dialogue, there is a quotation mark missing.

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