This article is about 'the My First Thomas-style magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the other magazine story'.
“You've got funny wheels! Mine are good and fast!”
―James to Terence

Wheely Useful is a rhyming My First Thomas-style magazine story. It is likely to have been originally featured in the short-lived "My First Thomas" magazines.


James mocks Terence's wheels by calling them "funny". It does not bother Terence, who carries on ploughing the field. As James carries on his way, a tree falls across his line. James cries out and Terence hears him. With the help of his "funny" wheels, Terence is able to pull the tree off the line.




  • James does not seem to be on the rails in the first illustration.
  • James has red wheels when they should be black.


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