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"Well, they mended my tubes, but they didn't even look at my brakes, my gauges, my squeaky wheels..."
— Henry
What's the Matter with Henry?

David Mitton


Phil Fehrle


George Tarry


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Air date

October 15th, 2003

Previous episode

Edward's Brass Band

Next episode

James and the
Queen of Sodor

What's the Matter with Henry? is the sixth episode of the seventh season.


Henry is feeling under the weather, but Thomas and Percy are skeptical and lie to a foreman that Henry has volunteered to take most of their trucks. Emily believes Henry and, when he loses water due to leaky tubes, she comes to the rescue while the ashamed tank engines are sent to do Henry's work. When Henry returns, however, he complains that the workmen did not check him good enough.




  • Mirrored stock footage from Henry and the Elephant is used.
  • The Danish title of this episode is "The Sick Engine". In Japan, this episode is called "What's the Matter, Henry?'.
  • Big Mickey from TUGS can be seen.


  • Thomas and Henry leave Tidmouth Sheds within three seconds of each other, but the turntable does not work that fast.
  • Thomas and Percy leave before Henry, but he still manages to overtake them at some point. Later, when the two overtake him, Percy passes first.
  • When Henry arrives at the coaling plant the end of the set can be seen.
  • In the close-up of Thomas looking gloomy, fingerprints are visible on Henry's boiler.
  • When this episode was aired on television in the UK, a second "with" was added to the title.
  • In the episode, Henry's trucks do not have faces, but in rare pictures they do.
  • Henry has James' whistle sound when he leaves the sheds.
  • Henry's crew should have told the Fat Controller about Henry's tube leaks in the first place.
  • When the narrator said "Said Sir Topham Hatt Sternly", Sir Topham Hatt is slightly smiling.


  • Henry: My boiler's grumbling!
  • Thomas: Maybe it's grumbling at you!
  • Henry: That's not funny!



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