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"Fancy jumping at a silly old crane!"
— James

Wharf and Peace is the nineteenth episode of the tenth season.


Skarloey is startled when some pipes fall near him and he spills his flour. Skarloey feels pathetic because of this, even after helping Rusty and Duncan by mistake. But when he saves Rheneas from some falling logs, Rheneas tells him he is brave after all. Skarloey plucks up courage at the wharf and when the trucks try to play tricks on him, Skarloey quickly shuts them up.




  • This episode's name is a pun on Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace."
  • This is the first time since the fifth season that the narrow gauge coal trucks have faces. 
  • This was the last episode until the twentieth season episode, Love Me Tender, to have no television series exclusive characters to appear in an episode.


  • When Skarloey leaves the wharf, the tracks on the bridge bounce up and down as he travels over them.
  • When Rusty crosses the bridge, he does not take his trucks and the bridge sinks and comes back up.
  • When Skarloey is hit by the logs, his rear driving wheels come off the rails.
  • Skarloey has Duncan's whistle sound when he warns Rheneas.
  • When Skarloey first arrives at The Wharf and stops at the crossing to let James pass, James does not have a crew in his cab.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Una Locomotora Asustadiza / La Guerra y la Paz A Frightened Engine / The War and the Peace
Swedish Lättskrämda loket Easily Scared Engine
Norwegian Pyselokomotivet The Cowardly Engine
Danish Det modige lille lokomotiv The Brave Little Engine
German Der mutige Skarloey Skarloey the Brave
Japanese よわむしきかんしゃ The Cowardly Engine
Polish Odważny Skarloey Brave Skarloey
Italian Il Vero Coraggio The True Courage
Hungarian Bátraké a Szerencse Fortune Favors the Brave
Portuguese Cais e paz Wharf and Peace
Russian Пристань и мир Pier and the World
Romanian Liniște la Debarcader Quiet as Wharf
Slovak Prístav a mier Port and Peace
Chinese 码头与和平 Pier and Peace
Thai ท่าเรือและความสงบ Pier and Peace

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