Weather Warning is a magazine story.


Whilst working along a seaside line, Thomas often meets a friendly old sailor called the Captain. One day, whilst waiting for a signal, Thomas' driver has a chat with the Captain. He tells Thomas and his crew about different types of clouds, and how they can help predict the weather.

A few days later, Thomas and BoCo are working at the Big Harbour. BoCo's driver gets ready to go for a tea-break, so he parks BoCo near a tall stack of vegetable crates waiting to be taken away. Thomas looks in the sky, and immediately warns BoCo to move away from the stack. BoCo does so, and not long after a windy storm approaches and the stack of crates topple all over the line.

BoCo asks Thomas how he knew about the storm, and Thomas recalls what the Captain said about clouds being used as weather warnings for sailors. BoCo thanks him, and comments how much of a good sailor he would make.



  • BoCo is out of proportion compared to Thomas.

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