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This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the other one.
"Now I can say I'm just as useful as the engines!"
— Stephen Hatt

Watch the Clock is a magazine story.


Stephen waves to the Fat Controller as he walks happily through the station. He had been shopping at Knapford and bought a brand new watch. As he leans forward to let his grandfather have a better look, Stephen drops his prized watch into an ash pit. Luckily, the ashes are cold and one of the firemen carefully digs down into the ashes until he found the smart green watch box. Stephen eagerly thanks the fireman and decided to put the watch on for safe keeping.

The Fat Controller knows it is almost time for him to attend a meeting at the control room. He takes out his pocket watch, but it had stopped! The Fat Controller is worried he might be late, but Stephen allows his grandfather to look at his new wristwatch. He found out he wasn't late after all!



  • The Fat Controller's speech bubble in the final illustration does not make sense as Stephen does not need a new watch.


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