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"Nearly home, nearly home, nearly home!"
— Gordon

Watch Out, Gordon! is a magazine story.


Gordon was in a foul mood. It was time for Diesel's weekly clean and it was Gordon's turn to do his jobs, including taking a goods train. Gordon wanted to get the job over with as quickly as possible, but the signal light stayed red. Impatient Gordon slips his brakes on and speeds down the track as the driver frantically tries to reapply the brakes. Gordon turns a bend and in front of him is a fallen tree. Both his driver and his fireman try to apply the brakes, but they could not make Gordon stop in time. The big engine collides with the tree and dents his fender. Gordon was upset, but his driver tells him that it serves him right; rules are there to be obeyed.



  • In one illustration, Gordon is missing some of the red lining on his firebox.


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