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Video Selection Australia (or VSA) was an Australian video label that released Seasons 1-3 of Thomas and Friends on VHS in Australia in conjunction with ABC for Kids. It released some other shows including Babar, Ferry Boat Fred, Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Towser and several others. It was a subsidiary of Roadshow Entertainment.


  1. Thomas and Gordon and other Stories (10 June 1991)
  2. Troublesome Trucks and other stories (10 June 1991)
  3. Coal and other stories (10 June 1991)
  4. Thomas, Percy and the Coal and Other Stories (10 June 1991)
  5. Percy and Harold and Other Stories (10 June 1991)
  6. The Deputation and Other Stories (8 July 1991)
  7. Time for Trouble and other stories (9 November 1992)
  8. Trust Thomas and Other Stories (9 November 1992)
  9. Escape and other stories (9 November 1992)

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