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Vicarstown Sheds is an engine shed with six berths in the Railway Series, while only having 5 in the Television Series. It only appeared in early Railway Series books and the first season. It also appeared in a stock footage in the fourth season. Built in the same architectural style of Tidmouth Sheds, this shed is where Gordon would not get balanced on the turntable so he can be turned round, thus taking the return train tender first, and later on, fell in a ditch in an attempt to get off pulling a special goods train. The Fat Controller has an office overlooking the sheds. A goods depot was built around it as the seasons progressed.

Following the 1925 agreement with the LMS to allow NWR trains as far as Barrow-in-Furness, the sheds were no longer required. It is unknown what happened to the sheds afterwards.


Railway Series

Television Series


  • Vicarstown Sheds was later modified and repainted for the six-berth Tidmouth Sheds, as noted by a tooling split on the original Tidmouth Sheds, which probably explains why Vicarstown Sheds only appeared in Season 1.
  • No engines have slept in the Vicarstown Sheds.

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