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The Vicarstown Goods Depot is a yard located on the outskirts of Vicarstown where Douglas saved Oliver from scrap, and where Rusty saved Stepney from scrap.

It first appeared in the third season episode, Escape, and in the fourth season episode, Rusty to the Rescue. It has a station, a double road shed, an overhead signal box, a scrapyard, and narrow gauge tracks. Lots of diesels were seen here.

It Returned in full CGI in Journey Beyond Sodor but with modifications and now located near Vicarstown Station.

The Standard Gauge and Narrow Gauge Viaduct is located nearby.


  • In both its appearances, the Vicarstown Goods Depot was mentioned as being on the Other Railway.
  • Tidmouth Station without the roof can be seen here.
  • The Season 4 version of Depot is the same as the Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds set only heavily modified.

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