Valesbridge is a station on the Mid Sodor Railway in the television series.


Thomas & Friends

Valesbridge was located between Ballamoddey and the MSR's Peel Godred station at King Orry's Bridge. When a party of rescuers were trying to find Duke, Valesbridge was on at least one of the maps they inspected.


Thomas & Friends


  • According to the map seen in Sleeping Beauty, Valesbridge is located near the coast, south of Duke's Old Village, in a position roughly the same as Balladwail on official Sodor maps, far from the official MSR route. The 2014 Sodor map by Sam Wilkinson, however, places Valesbridge in the outskirts of Peel Godred. Due to former position contradicting established canon, the latter is considered the correct position.

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