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Join the Sodor Island Football league!

Toby7 July 9, 2012 User blog:Toby7

About a year ago fellow user Oliverandtoad13 and I created the Sodor Football League (it's had many names so far). It was a virtual football (soccer) league where you managed your own team based out of Sodor locations and villages. We had a sucessful first season with 6 active teams. Unfortunetly we lost members this winter due to busy users unable to commit. I was one of those users but this summer I'll be active managing my team, the Wellsworth Warriors.

We have a dilemma however. To have a season there has to be 6 teams, and we only have 4. And that four is shrinking. If we can't have 4 soon, the league will be deleted by the host site (Xpert 11). So I am "recruiting" users of this wiki to a beloved institution made up of the closest of friends on TTTE Wikia. I'll give you a "briefing" on what this acually is before you join.

When you join, you'll get to create your own team named after a Sudrian location. You'll recieve a line-up of top-notch players to manage. You can train your players for a sum of money (you'll recieve weekly "econ" and get more from playing games). Once the season start you can create your line-ups and tactics for each game. If you are busy you have a computerized assitant coach that will set up a line-up that can win you the game. It's all tons of fun, and is great to talk about with fellow users.

Now I understand we all have real lives, but I would really appreciate it if you could join and keep alive this beloved game. If you aren't into sports it's ok. It's easy to figure out and tons of fun once you get the hang of it. Who knows, your team could be the next Sodor champions! Don't take anytime, join ASAP! :D

How to join?

EASY! click on this invitation link that will be posted shortly. It will take your to Xpert 11 homepage. Click on the join button in the top left corner and it's easy from there! Leave me a message if you need any help. I also grant everyone personally permission to invite there friends to the league.

Invite link:

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