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The narrow gauge engines were busily heaving and hauling slate at the Blue Mountain Quarry.Paxton was also there to help.But when Rheneas cross the Blondin Bridge, stones were falling over! But Rheneas made it through, but Paxton was buried. He had to be fixed. Sir Topham Hatt drove Winston to Thomas who was pulling Annie and Clarabel. He asked Thomas to replaced Paxton at the Blue Mountain Quarry. When Thomas arrived, the narrow gauge engines greeted him warmly. While Thomas was busy working, he saw a little green engine race through, he said 'hello', but the little green engine didn't answer. Thomas asked Skarloey about the little green engine, and Skarloey said he was scared because he did a bad thing once. Thomas chased after the green engine, but he couldn't catch him. The next morning, the little green engine whose name is Luke said sorry to Thomas for hiding from him. Later, Luke dropped giant rocks down the chute and Thomas collected the broken gravel at the bottom. Then, Winston arrived with the two controllers. Luke hurried to hide. After Winston has gone, Thomas asked Luke why he had to hid. Luke told Thomas that he was scared because when he first came to Sodor, he locked a yellow engine into the sea! Paxton who was nearby overheard. He went to the Dieselworks to tell Diesel. When Thomas arrived, it was too late, Diesel had heard everything. He said he'll make sure Luke got sent away from Sodor forever. That night, Thomas told the other engine about Luke, the engines were horrified. The next morning, Thomas went to the Dieselworks to ask Victor. Victor said that the yellow engine was him! He said that the chain was weak, and Luke accidentally bumped into him and he fell into the sea. What Luke didn't know about is the chain and that Cranky soon lifted Victor back onto the track. Thomas hurried to find Luke. He asked Rocky to lift him to Owen's platform. Rocky did so, and Owen sent Thomas up. But Thomas found that he didn't fit in the narrow gauge track, and he skidded to the edge of the cliff where Thomas hanged dangerously on the cliff. Luke arrived but Diesel shouted from underneath saying that Luke would push Thomas down the cliff. But Luke got Thomas safely back on the rails. But Owen was tired and the platform hit to the ground. Luckily, no one was hurt. Just then, Victor arrived and he told everyone the truth. Then, Sir Topham Hatt and Mr Percival arrived. Sir Topham Hatt was crossed with Diesel. But everyone were happy that Luke won't be mistaken anymore.

Note : These are the REAL THINGs, I didn't make them.

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