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Up, Up and Away! Diesel's Special Delivery is a video game that was released for Vtech's V. Reader System. It was sold only in the year 2012.

The narration is provided by Michael Brandon.

Watch the Story


Reading Games

Play Five Reading Games to have fun with the story while developing your reading skills.

Letter Delivery

Help Thomas unload crates from Cranky by figuring out the beginning letters in each word.

1, 2, 3, Engine

Help Percy deliver his crate by learning the syllables in each.

What Happened

Learn how much you remember about the story.

Story Dictionary

It provides an alphabetical list of the vocabulary words from the story and their definitions, along with fin animations, sounds, and voices, Touch any word in this menu to hear it's definition, Some vocabulary definitions feature a follow-up question to reinforce learning.

Mini Games

Unlock the Mini Games by reading the complete story one time through in Watch the Story mode. After you have unlocked the Mini Games, you can start a game by touching an icon in the Mini Games menu, or by touching the star icon when it appears on a Watch the Story Page.

Reward Room

Collect tokens by playing Reading Games or by touching picture in the art in Free Play mode. Trade in your token for rewards in the Reward Room. For every 8 tokens, unlock 1 reward sticker.

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