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Unten Thomas Deluxe Set (うんてんトーマス デラックスセット) is a Japanese video game released for the Sega Pico by Bandai in 2000.



  • The Main Line - Features Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and Toby.
  • The Seaside - Features the Scottish Twins - Donald and Douglas and the Sodor China Clay Twins - Bill and Ben. This level also features Harold the Helicopter, The Troublesome Trucks and the Slate Cars.
  • The Town - Features Duck, Oliver, Annie and Clarabel. This level also features Bertie the Bus, Trevor the Traction Engine and Sir Topham Hatt - The Fat Controller.
  • The Quarry - Features Mavis and the Narrow Gauge Engines - Skarloey, Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Duke. This level also features the two characters that clear the rocks off the tracks - Terence the Tractor and Thumper the Quarry Machine.


  • The Search for Animals - Thomas is looking for three animals, help Thomas find the three animals by driving him into a tunnel. See what is inside.
  • Catching the Mail - Oh no! James is pulling the mail train for Percy, but the Troublesome Trucks are spilling mail all over the track! Help Thomas catch the mail by stopping him before he crashes into the mail.
  • Balloon Battle - Thomas challenged Donald, Douglas, Bill and Ben to a Balloon Battle. Help Thomas win against Donald, Douglas, Bill or Ben by puffing steam at the balloon.
  • Guess the Engine - Oh no! One of Thomas's friends has got lost in the forest! Help Thomas guess which engine got lost in the forest by choosing the correct answer.
  • Loading at the Docks - Cranky and Bulstrode are waiting with Thomas's cargo. Help is needed to load the correct coloured cargo into the trucks.
  • Test of Strength - Thomas has challenged the Troublesome Trucks to a test of strength. Help Thomas pull the Troublesome Trucks down the track by pressing the red button as fast as you can.
  • Engine Roundup - Oh no! Edward, James, Percy and Toby left Tidmouth Sheds without their drivers! Help Thomas take them back to the sheds by driving him to an engine.
  • Thomas's Big Race - Thomas challenged Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Duke to a race. Help Thomas win the race by pressing the red button as fast as you can.



  • Several engines use the wrong whistle sound. These include:
    1. Gordon, James, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Mavis, and the narrow gauge engines use Duck's whistle sound.
    2. Bill and Ben use Percy's whistle sound.
    3. Thomas uses Edward's whistle sound.
  • Annie, Clarabel and the Troublesome Trucks are able to move on their own even though they are rolling stock.
  • James, Toby, Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben, Mavis, and the narrow gauge engines all have grey wheels instead of black ones.
  • Thomas' side rods are black instead of grey.
  • At one point when Duck was coming down, his running board is red.
  • When Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben and Peter Sam are moving forward, their wheels are going backwards.
  • Whenever Thomas fails in a mini-game, Sir Topham Hatt is smiling, when he should be cross.
  • When Thomas completes a mini game, Tidmouth Sheds has seven berths instead of six.