U.L.P. is a van who is privately owned. He lives on the Little Western.


The Railway Series

When Oliver returned from the works after falling in a turntable well, U.L.P. was one of the Troublesome Trucks who sang rude songs about the event. He and the other trucks soon stopped their teasing towards Oliver, when he pulled S.C. Ruffey, their leader, apart.

After the incident Oliver became well-respected by the trucks, out of fear they will be pulled apart too. In addition, Donald and Douglas managed to transform goods traffic on both the main line and the Little Western.

Techinical Details


U.L.P. is based on the LMS banana van. It is likely that he is used for carrying bananas.


U.L.P. is painted pink with red frameworks and a white roof. His name is painted on his sides in white.


The Railway Series

Companion Volumes

A van resembling U.L.P. appeared in the 1979 annual, however, it is unknown if it was him.


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