“That's the trouble with buses! An engine like me never gets punctures! I have strong wheels, not silly tyres!”
―Gordon to Bertie

Tyre Trouble is a magazine story.


Every morning, Bertie collects passengers from the village and takes them to the station to catch Gordon's train to work. One day, Bertie is late, making Gordon cross. When Bertie finally arrives, he explains that he had two punctures. Gordon is unsympathetic and tells him that he has strong wheels that cannot be punctured like Bertie's silly tyres.

Poor Bertie trundles back to the village. On the way, he meets Thomas at a level crossing. Thomas tells Bertie that Gordon has derailed and damaged two of his wheels. Bertie hurries off to find Gordon and collect his passengers. Gordon is very pleased to see Bertie. He apologises and admits that buses are really useful too.


“Welcome to the Steamworks, my friend!”
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