“All aboard the Twitchers' Special!”

Twitcher Trouble is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Henry is to take a passenger special to the other side of the island. Henry loves long journeys as he gets to travel through fields and forests and see all the wonderful wildlife. That morning, the fireman lights Henry's fire and Henry simmers happily as he waits for his driver to arrive. Henry waits for ages, but the driver does not arrive. Presently, the Fat Controller runs up and informs Henry that his driver is ill. The Fat Controller has arranged for a replacement driver called Brian to take over for the day. Henry is very happy; next to his regular driver, Brian is his favourite as he knows all about wildlife. Brian particularly loves birds; he knows all their names and their calls.

Shortly, Brian arrives and Henry sets off. As they clatter along, Brian points out a red kite and a sparrowhawk. Then, Henry remembers he is running late and speeds up. As he rounds a corner, he sees a big crowd of people spilling onto the track. Henry comes to a shuddering halt. The people are miles from any town and Henry is puzzled. Brian and the fireman go to find out what the people are doing. When they return, they tell Henry that the people have spotted a rare bird in the tree. The people are special birdwatchers called twitchers who travel for miles to see rare birds. Henry is worried that so many people will frighten the little bird and Brian confesses that he thinks the same thing. Henry has a plan which he whispers to Brian. A few minutes later, Henry calls to the birdwatchers. He tells them to board his "Twitchers' Special" and he will show them some more rare birds on the island.

All the twitchers board Henry's train excitedly. Then, Brian calls the Sodor Bird Society and asks them to take care of the little bird until it flies away again. Then, Henry sets off with the birdwatchers.

At the end of the day, the twitchers are delighted with Brian and Henry's special tour. They go home very happy as Brian gets a call to say that the rare bird has flown away in the direction of its home. Brian congratulates Henry on a job well done and Henry could not have been happier.