Twentieth Century Fox, more commonly referred to as Fox, distributed five US Thomas and Friends DVDs from the ninth to eleventh seasons for HiT Entertainment between 2006 and 2008.

The brake sound effect from the first two seasons of Thomas was originally used in Fox films such as "The Sand Pebbles" and "Emperor of the North".

In 1998, reruns of the second and third seasons of Shining Time Station used to air on Fox Family Channel [previously called ABC Family, now called Freeform] as well as Storytime with Thomas and Mister Moose's Fun Time which had Thomas stories as a regular feature.


  1. Thomas' Sodor Celebration (8 March 2005)
  2. Track Stars (7 February 2006)
  3. Tales from the Tracks (23 May 2006)
  4. Come Ride the Rails (12 September 2006)
  5. Milkshake Muddle (6 February 2007)
  6. Carnival Capers (7 August 2007)
  7. Engines and Escapades (4 March 2008)


You Belong to Fox Family bumper Edward the Blue Engine00:06

You Belong to Fox Family bumper Edward the Blue Engine

Fox Family Channel bumper featuring Edward the Blue Engine

Fox Family Mornings Shining Time Station Bumpers00:11

Fox Family Mornings Shining Time Station Bumpers

Shining Time Station bumpers from the Fox Family block Fox Family Mornings featuring Edward and Thomas

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