This article is about 'the De Agostini magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the other magazine story, the 2004 magazine story or the 2005 magazine story'.
“Tell Toby the tiger that we hope he feels better soon!”
―The children

Tunnel Trouble is a magazine story.


Early one morning, Thomas collects his coaches to take some children to the Wildlife Park. They are all very excited and all want to see different animals. Thomas hopes to see a tiger.

On the way, Thomas has to head through a tunnel. It is very dark and suddenly a loud roaring noise echoes. A little girl thinks it sounds like a tiger. The children are very glad when Thomas puffs out of the other side and stops at the Wildlife Park. When they arrive, Thomas assures the children it was not a tiger in the tunnel; it was poor Toby whose engine is spluttering and roaring today. Thomas then tells the children that he is going to rescue his friend. The children ask Thomas to tell Tiger Toby that they hope he feels better soon.



  • Toby is said to have an engine.