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Truck Loads of Fun is a UK/AUS VHS/DVD featuring five first season episodes and one second season episode narrated by Ringo Starr, two third season episodes, one fourth season episode and one fifth season episode narrated by Michael Angelis and three songs.



10 Fantastic Adventures and a song featuring Thomas, his friends and those troublesome trucks!


A BUMPER LENGTH video/DVD with Thomas and all his friends having truckloads of fun! Come and play and singalong with 13 stories and songs.


  1. Thomas and the Trucks
  2. Troublesome Trucks*
  3. Tenders and Turntables
  4. Trouble in the Shed
  5. Off the Rails*
  6. Thomas, Percy and the Coal
  7. Mavis
  8. Heroes*
  9. Four Little Engines
  10. Make Someone Happy

(* Followed by a song)


  1. Accidents will Happen
  2. Sir Topham Hatt (DVD only)
  3. The Snow Song (Australian release only)

Bonus Features

  • Spot the Difference
  • How Many Suitcases?
  • Quiz



  • The description of the Australian release says that they have 13 episodes when their are actually 10 episodes, probably because they counted the three songs.

DVD Packs




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