“Everyone in the town certainly watched you today, Gordon!”
―Thomas and Henry

Trouble in Town is a De Agostini magazine story.


Thomas tells Gordon that the little children wave to him as he goes through the town. Henry tells him that the policeman waves to him sometimes. Gordon never sees anyone as he goes too fast, but he is sure they all watch him. A truck has been listening to the engines' conversation and is jealous; no one ever takes notice of the trucks.

The next day, the Fat Controller tells Gordon to take a truck of sand through town. Gordon sets off as fast as he can, but when he reaches the town, the truck spills the sand over the track. The truck is sure he would get noticed now. Sure enough, the children wave, cars hoot their horns, and the policeman phones for the fire brigade to wash away the sand. That evening, Thomas and Henry have a good laugh; people certainly were watching Gordon today.


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