“We'll hurry and bump and we won't stop!
Stepney won't smile when the balloons go pop!”
Troublesome Trucks

Trouble for Stepney is a magazine story.


One day, the Fat Controller has an important job for Stepney and tells him he is to take trucks of balloons to the village green for the village fair. He also tells Stepney to go slow so that he does not pop any. The balloons are packed into the trucks and Stepney steams slowly away.

The trucks do not like crawling along and decide to bump Stepney so that he has to go faster. The trucks bash into each other until one of the balloons pop. The sound is so loud that Stepney nearly jumps off the rails. The Fat Controller hears the popping noise and pulls up in his car. The Fat Controller steps into Stepney's cab and reveals that he has another job for Stepney and the trucks when they reach the fair.

All afternoon, Stepney gives children rides up and down the line in the troublesome trucks. Stepney has a great time, but the trucks do not; the noisy children give them a headache. They would much rather be carrying rocks.


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