“Now I'll be really busy pulling Thomas and his passengers!”

Trevor and Thomas is a short magazine story.


Thomas is carrying a wooden model of an engine and two model carriages on a flatbed. Soon, Thomas passes Trevor standing outside his shed where Jem Cole is polishing him and attaching a trailer. Thomas tells them that the little train is for a new merry-go-round ride at the summer fête. Trevor thinks the models look like Thomas and his coaches, Annie and Clarabel.

The next day, Thomas carries lots of excited children to the opening of the fête. Trevor is there with his cart, but all the children rush to the little merry-go-round. Suddenly, the merry-go-round breaks down and the children are very upset. Luckily, Jem Cole has a great idea and soon the little train is lifted off the merry-go-round and hooked behind Trevor instead. Trevor is delighted; now he's really going to be popular, pulling Thomas and his passengers.


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