“Me, oh my.”
―Trevor's driver

Trevor's Nest is a magazine story.


Trevor has been inside his shed in the Vicarage Orchard for the entire winter. He is looking forward to the spring fête where he can come out of his shed and give rides to all of the children. The Vicar visits Trevor from time-to-time to see if he is okay and to talk about arrangements for the fête. Trevor's driver also visits to clean Trevor up and to make sure he is ready for the fête.

One day, when the driver visits, he finds that Trevor is covered in dust and even little pieces of rust. Trevor's driver works hard to clean, paint, polish, and scrub Trevor so that he looks like a new engine again. The driver promises to take Trevor out next week for a trial run.

One morning, Trevor wakes up with a peculiar tickling feeling in his chimney. When his driver arrives, Trevor tells him about the strange feeling. The driver takes a look in Trevor's chimney and discovers a little bird's nest with four small eggs inside. Then the Vicar arrives to see Trevor and asks if the traction engine is coming out today. Trevor says no, much to the Vicar's surprise. Then Trevor explains about the bird's nest in his chimney which he does not want to disturb. The Vicar, who is a bird-lover himself, agrees with Trevor.

On the day of the spring fête, the orchard looks lovely with decorations and is packed with children playing. Trevor watches the fun from his shed, but he is not lonely; the four young starlings had hatched and are keeping him company. Some of the children also look in on Trevor. They enjoy watching and hearing the baby birds. Trevor is very happy and he knows that soon the baby birds will leave the nest and he will be able to come out again too.




  • Trevor's driver is wearing a railway driver uniform.


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