This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode'.
“I am a very experienced engine. A little bit of a breeze won't bother me!”

Tree Trouble is a magazine story.


One windy day, James warns Donald to go slowly. Donald dismisses James' warning, claiming that he is an experienced engine. As Donald rolls down the line, a sheet of newspaper blows onto Donald's face. Donald, who cannot see where he is going, screeches to a halt. Thomas sees everything and urges Donald to return to the station before he causes an accident.

Donald speeds away. He rounds a corner and collides with a tree that has fallen onto the line. Luckily, Donald is not hurt and is able to push the tree aside. Soon the Fat Controller arrives to see what is going on. He thanks Donald for clearing the line, but warns him not to do it at high speeds next time.


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