“Och! That wasn't a box, but a real treasure chest!”
―Donald and Douglas

Treasure Chest! is a magazine story first published in 2008 and later republished in 2010.


Lord Callan is very worried; his castle needs expensive repairs. The Fat Controller suggests they hold an Open Day at the castle. Donald and Douglas are keen to help, too, and Douglas suggests they hold a raffle at the Open Day. At the Open Day, Lord Callan welcomes visitors to his castle and soon sells all the raffle tickets. He asks Donald's driver to look around the castle to find a box to put all the tickets in. The driver checks all the rooms. He finds, flags, paintings, suits of armour, but no box. Finally, he tries one of the towers. He entered a dusty, neglected, little room that had not been entered for years. Inside was a small wooden chest that the driver takes to Lord Callan. The box is locked but the lock is so rusty, it breaks open easily. To everyone's surprise inside is a golden goblet! Shortly, the raffle is drawn and the winner gets a ride in Donald and Douglas' cabs. The Open Day is a huge success. A few days later, Lord Callan goes to see the Fat Controller. He has sold the golden goblet and, with the money raised at the Open Day, has enough money to repair his castle.