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"It looks like my wish has come true. I'm going to have a holiday, after all!"
— Thomas

Travelling Thomas is a magazine story published in 2004.


The Fat Controller owns an old-fashioned, wooden caravan which is his pride and joy. When he first bought it, he spent all his spare time mending and painting it. One day, he decides to go on a tour of the Island with his wife in their travelling home. Whilst on a level crossing, the caravan tips over. Luckily, Sir Topham, Lady Hatt, and the horse escape unharmed and they manage to flag Thomas down. Harvey picks up the caravan and they load it onto Thomas' flatbed. Then, they paint Thomas' flatbed to match the caravan and Thomas pulls the caravan around the island and Sir Topham, Lady Hatt, and Thomas have a wonderful holiday.



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