"Here's another type of table for you all. It's a new timetable!"
— Sir Topham Hatt

Travelling Tables is a magazine story.


One day, the Fat Controller sends Oliver to fetch some new chairs and a table that he had ordered from a furniture shop. They were loaded onto Oliver's trucks and he brought them back to the Main Station. Two porters lifted the furniture into the station's waiting room. Books and newspapers were then put onto the tables so that the passengers would have something to read whilst they wait for their trains. Later, Oliver was sent to collect a bird-table. When he returned with it, it was placed in the station garden where Sir Topham Hatt puts some nuts and seeds on it. Later, the Fat Controller busily set about working at his desk. After he had finished, he went to speak to the engines. He showed them another type of table - a new timetable.


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