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The Trading Cards are made by The Upper Deck Company in conjunction with HiT Entertainment. Entitled Thomas & Friends Sodor Adventures Collectipak, the 18-card set includes stickers, tattoos, and pop-up cards of the most popular characters from Thomas and Friends. Previous to this series, Gullane and Briarpatch had released a 100 card set in 2002.

2002 Cards


Adventure Cards

Foil Cards

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Percy
  • Lady
  • Diesel 10

2010 Cards




  • Both Wilbert and Sir Handel are both illustrated with white wheels.
  • Mr. Conductor is simply referred to as "The Conductor".
  • Eight characters that only appeared in the Railway Series have had their own trading cards.


  • D199 is incorrectly depicted with a Co-Co wheel arrangement whilst Daisy is given a Co-Bo wheel arrangement.
  • Mike is depicted with no front coupling.
  • Neil is depicted with no eyebrows.
  • Peter Sam is depicted with green wheels.
  • The original Arlesdale engines are incorrectly depicted as 4-8-2's.
  • Duke and Bertram swapped their faces.
  • Rex and the Flying Scotsman swapped their faces.
  • The Diseasel card is misspelled as "The Diesel" on the back.
  • To promote The Great Discovery, trading cards were released which could be gained if a Wooden Railway item was purchased for $14.99.
    • Molly appeared on one of these cards despite having a very minor role in the special.