"G'Day Thomas!"
―Tracy to Thomas, Thomas Visits Shane from Melbourne


  • Class: W6 Melbourne electric tram
  • Designer: Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board
  • Builder: Preston Workshops
  • Built: sometime between 1951 and 1955
  • Configuration: Bo-Bo

Tracy is an electric tram who Thomas met during a visit to Melbourne in Australia.


Tracy is a friend of Shane who works on the tramway network around the city of Melbourne. One day, while Thomas was visiting Australia, she was supposed to take the Western Bulldog players from Footscray Station to the iconic MCG for a football match, but Tracy broke down due to her electric line getting disconnected. Fortunately, Thomas had space in his coach and was able to take the players to their match on time.


Tracy is painted green with a cream top half. She has cream lining and brown advertising boards on her sides.


Tracy is based on the W-class Melbourne trams, a family of trams that was built between 1923 and 1956 as a standard design to work the tramway network of Melbourne, Australia. She appears to be of the W6 sub-class, which were built between 1951 and 1955. Many W-class trams are preserved throughout Australia and New Zealand, while others have been preserved in the United States, Canada and Denmark. 12 remain in service on the Melbourne tramway network.



Voice Actors


  • Tracy is one of two characters (the other being Beresford) to be voiced by actors of African descent. She is also the first character in the franchise to do so.


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