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Tracking Thomas the Tank Engine and his Friends is a book with finger tabs. It was released in Germany under the name Thomas the Small Locomotive and his Friends.


Find out about Thomas' race with Bertie the bus, Henry's refusal to move, and Percy's rescue after a flood put out his fire.



  • Each page in this book is based on an episode from the television series.
  • Some versions of this book were published as "Thomas the Tank Engine and his Friends"


  • Percy's siderods are not properly drawn.
  • Gordon is missing his tender.
  • James has yellow wheel splasher, cab and tender lining instead of black and his number also has a yellow outline with a red interior.
  • Bertie doesn't have any eyebrows in some illustrations.
  • Annie and Clarabel are missing their names on their sides.
  • The engines are missing their lamp irons and brake pipes.


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