"We're like the tortoise and the hare!"
— Thomas

Track Race is a magazine story.


It was holiday time on Sodor and the engines had been working hard all day, so Sir Topham Hatt decides to read them all a story. It was the famous story of the tortoise and hare in which the tortoise wins a race when the hare decides to take a nap. Thomas asks the Fat Controller if they can stage a race. He agrees and, the next day, the engines lined up for the race. James was sure he was going to win. They had not been going long when Percy runs completely out of puff and Edward was not looking where he was going and he turned onto a dead-end siding. Now, only Thomas and James were left and soon James had got bored; he was so sure that he would win that he decided to have a rest, but it was so hot that he falls asleep. Soon, Thomas overtakes and crosses the finish line in first place.



  • This story is based on Aesop's fable, "The Tortoise and the Hare".


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