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"I can go faster than you, Mr. Wind!"
— Thomas
Topped Off Thomas

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Sharon Miller


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

September 10th,
2006 (UK)
October 28th,
2006 (US)
December 2nd,
2007 (Australia)

Previous episode

Edward Strikes Out

Next episode

Which Way Now?

Topped Off Thomas is the fourteenth episode of the tenth season.


One of Thomas' autumn hobbies is to "race the wind". After Thomas challenges Spencer to a race to Kellsthorpe and ends up blowing the Fat Controller's hat off as he flies through the station, Thomas is sent to get the hat back. But each time he finds the hat, the wind blows it away. Eventually, the wind dies down and Thomas brings the hat back to the Fat Controller.




  • From this episode onwards, Spencer has silver paintwork.
  • A poster of Bulgy is seen at Kellsthorpe station.
  • In Norway, this episode is titled "Thomas and the Top Hat". In Denmark, it is called "Hat for Thomas". In Japan, it is called "Thomas and the Wind". The Hungarian title is "Adventure With a Hat". The Polish title is "Thomas and Wind". In Sweden, it is called "Faster than the Wind".


  • Should Thomas not be doing his work instead of chasing a hat?
  • The Fat Controller sends Thomas to chase after the hat. This is dangerous and counterproductive, and would never have been done over a mere top hat.
  • The Fat Controller makes an unusually big deal over retrieving his hat, when he has shown in previous stories that he can accept losing a hat, albeit not always with good grace. (I.e., Edward, Gordon and Henry and Baa!)
  • The hat should have blown off Thomas's funnel when he started to move.
  • Thomas somehow turns around when he returns to Kellsthorpe, and when he approaches Maithwaite for the second time.
  • Thomas's moral of the story does not tie in with the episode.
  • Thomas and Spencer race from Bluff's Cove Junction to Kellsthorpe. There are many miles between the two places, so their race would have taken at least a whole day.
  • Being an A4, Spencer's top speed of 120+ mph means he could have easily outrun Thomas.
  • The Fat Controller states that engines should go slowly through stations, but Gordon rushes quickly through a station just minutes later.
  • The top hat should not have been sitting on Thomas' funnel. Sparks from Thomas' funnel might have set it on fire.



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