Too Tired Thomas is a short magazine story.


Thomas wants an early night. Yesterday he had been the last engine back to Tidmouth Sheds and found himself at the back of the wash-down queue. On his way home after a hard day's work, Thomas finds himself stuck and worries that Toby will beat him to the wash-down. When Thomas and Toby stop at a signal, Thomas is so tired that he begins to doze off. His driver soon wakes him and, yet again, he is the last engine back to the sheds. As Thomas waits at the back of the wash-down queue, the Fat Controller passes by. He notices Thomas looking ever so tired and orders him to go straight to the sheds and forget about having a wash-down tonight. Thomas tries to thank the Fat Controller, but he is so tired he can not even blow his whistle.


“Welcome to the Steamworks, my friend!”
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