This article is about 'the 1996 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2011 magazine story'.
“I didn't think James would worry about the express. He must try to be more relaxed, like you, Henry.”
―Sir Topham Hatt

Too Tired! is a magazine story.


One Friday morning, Gordon announces to the other engines in the shed that he is to have a service. This means that he would not be able to pull the express until the following weekend. The engines wonder who would be given the job of being Gordon's replacement. Henry is nervous as he might be chosen, but James is confident he will be chosen for the special job.

Sure enough, James is soon waiting in the main station yard while Percy fetches the express coaches for him. Before long, boastful James is coupled up to the coaches and soon on his way. It had rained heavily overnight and the rails are wet and greasy. Up Gordon's Hill, James' wheels keep spinning and he loses a lot of time. The Fat Controller tells James, when he returns to the main station, that it should not happen again. James wonders what the Fat Controller had meant and has a hard time going to sleep that night because he keeps fretting about it. At last, James dozes off, but he begins to have nightmares. He imagines all sorts of delays whilst pulling the express. Next morning, James can hardly keep his eyes open.

Yawning, James follows Henry to the yard. It is a bright and sunny day and the Fat Controller tells the engines that there should be no slipping wheels today. James realises that the Fat Controller was referring to the weather when he made his comment the previous day. James tells the Fat Controller that he spent all night worrying. The Fat Controller decides that an exhausted engine could not possibly pull the express, so he gives the important job to Henry. The Fat Controller goes on to tell James that he should relax more like Henry. James is left sulking as Henry pulled away.



  • The side of James' running board is white in one illustration.


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