“Too much rocking caused rock to roll down on me!”

Too Much Rock is a magazine story.


The narrow gauge engines' patience is running out with Duncan who is rocking and rolling wildly whenever the mood takes him even when he is told to stop. One winter's morning, Duncan rocks and rolls past Peter Sam on a bend. Peter Sam warns that the rails are slippery, but Duncan does not care and carries on.

Ahead, Rusty is mending the track so Duncan has to use an old line that has not been used for years. He rock and rolls between the steep, rocky cliffs. Duncan whistles loudly and, along with the sound of his wheels, he causes a rockslide. Duncan tries to escape the rockslide, but it is no use; the rocks eventually cover Duncan and the track.

Shortly, Rusty comes to the rescue and tells him that it serves him right as workmen start to dig Duncan out. Eventually, Duncan is free. Luckily, he is unhurt, but badly shaken. He has certainly learned his lesson.



  • Peter Sam has his old funnel.


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