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"Why are all the children cheering?"
"They're cheering for you!
— Thomas and Percy
Too Hot for Thomas

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Paul Larson


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Air date

October 24th, 2004

Previous episode

Chickens to School

Next episode

James Goes Too Far

Too Hot for Thomas is the twenty-fourth episode of the eighth season.


It is a hot summer day and James and Toby are taking children to the beach. Thomas wants to help, but he has to deliver ingredients to the ice cream factory. On his way, he is made late by James using the crossing and being diverted into a siding. Trying to rush, Thomas tries to leave the chocolate factory before the shunter can take off the truck's brakes, but only breaks a coupling and spills cocoa everywhere. Once Thomas' truck is refilled, he sets off and thinks he can take some children to the seaside. But the ice cream factory manager asks him to wait for the ice cream to be finished and take it to the beach. When Thomas arrives, the children cheer for Thomas because he delivered the ice cream. This makes Thomas very happy.




  • In Germany, this episode is called "Everyone Is Waiting for Thomas". In Denmark, this episode is named "A Warm Day". In France, it is entitled "Thomas and the Heat of the Summer". In Japan, this episode is called "Too Thick for Thomas". The Croatian title is "A Hot Day for Thomas".
  • A deleted scene from Thomas Gets It Right is used.


  • The cocoa powder and the strawberries are simply dumped into open trucks without a cover.
  • When Thomas pulls his truck of cocoa powder forward, he slows down before the powder shoots up.
  • When the points switch back to Thomas' line, a skinny copper rod is moving off-screen.
  • When Thomas pulls into Seaside Halt, one of the children is missing a mouth.
  • A brakevan should have been added to Thomas' train.
  • The narrator says that the workmen filled Thomas' trucks with strawberries, but only one truck was filled.
  • When Thomas lets off steam before chuffing back to the signal, Thomas is pulling a grey van instead of a blue truck.



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