This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the eighth season episode or its book adaptation'.
“See you later, Drippy!”
―Diesel teases Duck

Too Hot is a magazine story.


Duck the Great Western Engine has been working hard all morning and he feels very hot and thirsty. As Duck refills his tank, Diesel arrives and remarks that steam engines always seem to be thirsty for water. After Duck goes back to work, he begins to feel thirsty again and goes back to the water tower to be refilled. But no matter how he tries, he cannot seem to get enough water. Later his fireman finds the problem - Duck has a hole in his boiler, which makes the water leak out.

Diesel thinks it is funny, and teases Duck by calling him "Drippy", which makes him cross. However, the tables turn when Diesel forgets to check his fuel gauge and runs out of fuel at the old quarry. Diesel has to wait until Duck brings in some diesel fuel, and as he arrives at the quarry, Duck thinks it is very funny indeed.



  • It is possible that this story was written by Andrew Brenner.
  • It might have been based on the Railway Series story, Drip Tank.
  • This magazine story was possibly adapted into Gordon Runs Dry.


  • In the fourth illustration, Duck's dome is coloured blue instead of the usual green colour.
  • Duck's face is smaller than usual.
  • Toby's face is rectangular instead of square shaped.


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