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This article is about the Japanese range. You may be looking for the original name for the British range.

Tomica is a die-cast Thomas and Friends range made by Takara Tomy in 2004. In 2012, a new range was made where the engines have couplings, rolling stock, and a new track system.

Current range

Engines and rolling stock



  • Thomas, Percy, and Diesel 10 set
  • Main line set
  • Sodor Steamworks
  • Scrap yard
  • Thomas Basic set
  • Thomas and Cranky Smooth Railroad set
  • Blue Mountain Crossing set
  • Shunting Yard (coming soon)

Original range


  • Thomas (normal, metallic, and gold; discontinued)
  • Edward (discontinued)
  • Henry (discontinued)
  • Gordon (discontinued)
  • James (discontinued)
  • Percy (normal and silver; discontinued)
  • Toby (discontinued)
  • Duck (discontinued)
  • Donald and Douglas (discontinued)
  • Emily (discontinued)
  • Murdoch (discontinued)
  • Bill and Ben (discontinued)
  • Spencer (discontinued)
  • Diesel (discontinued)
  • Harvey (discontinued)
  • Arthur (discontinued)

Non-rail characters


The sets can be folded up and some of them make the engines talk when placed on a certain area.

  • Tidmouth Sheds (discontinued)
  • Viaduct set (discontinued)
  • Docks set (discontinued)
  • Scrapyard (discontinued)
  • Ffarquhar mountain set with Thomas (discontinued)
  • Ffarquhar Station set with Thomas (discontinued)
  • Deluxe Sheds with Thomas set (discontinued)
  • Boulder mountain with Percy set (discontinued)
  • Playmat (discontinued)
  • Driving engines set (discontinued)
  • Playmat with Thomas, Henry, and Harvey (discontinued)
  • Playmat with Percy, Toby, and Emily (discontinued)
  • Playmat with Gordon, James, and Diesel (discontinued)
  • Playmat with Edward, Gordon, and Spencer (discontinued)
  • Playmat with Percy, Donald, and Douglas (discontinued)
  • Playmat with James, Bill, and Ben (discontinued)


  • Thomas with Troublesome log Truck and green Troublesome coal Truck
  • Percy with oil tanker and brakevan
  • Thomas Bus
  • Go to Thomas Land map set
  • Thomas Land Express (discontinued; reintroduced 2014)
  • Oigawa Railway C11 Thomas

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Original Range Gallery

Collectables Gallery

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